Tasfe of F1 food in Mexico

In 2015, the pinnacle of motorsport returned Mexico after a 23 year absence and quickly became the go-to sporting event within Mexico. With a contract from 2015 to 2019, the newly renovated , world-class Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez plays host to the return of F1ESTA to the country.

In its first two editions (2015 and 2016), more than 375,000 fans attended the race, making Mexico the second best attended Grand Prix worldwide (after Great Britain).

To date, the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF MEXICO ™ has generated more than 22,000 jobs and has achieved an economic impact of 1,119 MDD (24.841 billion pesos).

In the words of the infamous George Bernard Shaw, ‘There is no sincerer love than the love of food’. A sentiment that clearly resonates with the organisers of the Formula 1 Gran Premio de Mexico, CIE. In celebration of the return of the pinnacle of open wheeled racing to Mexico City, CIE is proud to announce the launch of the second ‘Taste of F1’ initiative from October 16th-29th. 
The campaign which unites two of Mexico’s great loves – sport and food – sees over 100 restaurants create special F1 focused menus for fans and members of the F1 community around different neighborhood the country’s capital city.
Commenting on The Taste of F1, Federico Gonzalez, Managing Director of the Formula 1 Gran Premio de Mexico, said: “In 2016 The Taste of F1 campaign really helped spread the F1 fever outside of the race track and it was great to see some of our best restaurants engaging with our number 1 sporting event. One of our main objectives is to spread the F1ESTA energy and vibe across the city and to engage with as many fans as possible, hardened fans and those completely new to the sport – we can’t think of a better way to do this than through our love of food!”
Recognised by UNESCO for it’s intangible cultural heritage, Mexican cuisine has become famous throughout the world with Mexico City plays host to a wide range of world-class restaurants showcasing not only traditional and new Mexican food but also gastronomy from all over the world. 
The special rates for the F1 menus mean that F1 fans can take advantage of the opportunity to treat themselves with delicious food at considerable discount